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AQUALARM SYSTEMS is to be Person in charge!


A set to Measure, Optimize the quality of your water, Reduce your costs, Insure the safety of your livestock.

Approved by AquaSecure, insurance livestock contract


Economic and autonomous system particularly adapted for the small sites

  • Quality control of the real time
  • water up to eight connected probes
  • Easy to install
  • Programming on keyboard of thresholds of alarms
  • Local alarm and transfer by phone transmitter

AQUALARM Supervision


It is our system for landbase (by cable and radiolink, according to site configuration)

  • Measure and real time supervision of various physico-chemical parameters of the water
  • Connection of analog, logical and digital sensors
  • Regulation of some of parameters
  • Configuration and display PC
  • Managment of electric equipments according to the various sensors or timetables
  • Supervision of the smooth running of electric equipments
  • Generation of alarm
  • Reduction until 50 % of the energy cost generated by arreators
  • Reduction from 20 to 25 % of the oxygen consume, according to the process of oxygenation


Aqualarm Transport

Compact system for the road or maritime transport of alive fishes or crustaceous (by radiolink or cable).

  • Control and regulation of the water quality in transport tanks
  • Configuration and display PC
  • Generation of alarms
  • Transmission between the various test points and the AQUALARM power plant
  • Traceability of the transport conditions (since the truck and/or since the center of supervision).