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For a centralized feeding under control

According to food to be distributed, the species to be fed, and the size of fishes, TERAQUA designed various operating systems using different ways of transportation (air or water), taking into account to reduce the energy consumption, the hardness of the work to give food and better feed management .

Every system is studied according to the configuration of the site and the specifications of the producer. The food can be distributed in one or several points of the pond.

Every automatic system is associated with a feeding management software taking into account the various technical data of production. This software can be communicating with an integrated management software for the farm like NOVAFISH®.

Systems using air

Automatic system for the filling of “self-feeders” or storage hoppers located on fingerlings or ongrowing tanks.

System for the nursery ponds and weaning of the fish farm. Food from 0,6mm to 2mm. Possibility distribute the food in several daily rations and small doses

System of food distribution for the ongrowing ponds, cages. Food from 2 mm to 11 mm (floating, semi-floating…). Last feeding point ~650 m from central unit

System using water

System of food distribution using water propulsion for ongrowing fish. Food from 2 mm to 8 mm. Food is distributed at the same time in diferent points of the pond. Last feeding point 250m from central unit




In relation to your requirements TERAQUA proposes a complete range of silos (from 1.7 to 26 m3 capacity) in polyester or hoppers for “big-bag” with its extraction screws to be coupled with the feeding or filling systems.