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Weighing systems

To know his biomass it is to save money!: you can better manage your production plan, have a better forecast on sales and costs (food, oxygen)

System of weighing AQUAMASS

This automatic system (for alive fishes, shrimps) with integrated display allows to weigh continuously biomass.

It is used in the operations of fishes selection between ponds ( associated with a grader). Associated with a screw, it is used in the shipping operations ( trucks or boats loading).


Aquamass 3T

It exists in 2 versions:

Aquamass 3: fishes of 2g in 800 g, capacity 3 tons / hour, precision +/-2 %

Aquamass 6: fishes of 20 g in 1 kg, capacity 6 tons / hour, precision +/-2 %

Equipment guaranteed for 2 years according to manufacturer terms of sale

Weighing System UNIVERBAL


Univerbal is an adaptive system of weighing with multiple applications:

It allows to weigh small loading tanks (example: sampling).
It weighs pallets, silos (according to capacity of the gauges)
It weighs during the filling of hoppers

The automaton allows of:

  • Visualize the weight
  • Accumulate weighings
  • Make weighings with thresholds
  • Make a correlation average number / weight of fishes

Aquamass and Univerbal are not approved for commercial transactions