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More than 25 years of Expertise

Based in Brittany Teraqua designs and makes equipment to regulate and control the physicochemical parameters of water used in farms dedicated to aquaculture and fish farming. With more than 25 years of experience Teraqua is the leader in the French market of aquaculture and fish farming equipment. The company is well established in France and is also present in the neighbouring countries. 

Three Areas of Focus

Teraqua mobilises its people’s know-how to address the producers’ issues in aquaculture, aquaponics and shellfish farming. In each of these areas Teraqua offers products of control, supervision and measurement, feeding and integration for the process of aquaculture. 

A Committed Team


Mickaël David

Mickaël is the company’s technical procurement manager and wears different hats: he is also in charge of product development, after-sales service and the main point of contact for suppliers and customers.

Nadine Thomas

Since the start of Teraqua Nadine is responsible for the administration of the company. Her activities include creating purchase orders and invoices.

Sales representatives

Our sales representatives accurately identify their customers’ needs so that they can address their specifications. They have a high level of technical expertise.

Louis Isasa, Commercial Director of Teraqua

Louis Isasa

Louis has been Teraqua’s sales director for 20 years. He has a broad onsite experience as a project manager in aquaculture (shrimp, fish, and recirculating aquaculture system), farmer and consultant.


Once the clients’ needs have been understood and the equipment is chosen our technicians install the system and train teams on site.

nathan mickael antoine teraqua

Antoine Maurin

Antoine is a technical manager at Teraqua. His sophisticated understanding of sites and customers’ issues makes him a highly experienced installation engineer.

Nathan Sautejeau

Nathan is a technician and the key player on site during installation. He deals with production and builds electrical cabinets. He is also the youngest member of Teraqua.

Cooperative members

In 2011 Teraqua’s employees decided to take over the company as a cooperative. Each member of the team may decide to become an associate member to have access to ownership and participate in strategic decisions. We operate under the principles of democracy where there is a key rule: one person = one voice. As cooperative members Teraqua’s staff works together to offer the best service possible to our clients


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